The easy way

Things haven’t been easy lately but I like it. I really it. The easy way is not attractive. I had a nervous breakdown over a project I couldn’t finish… And I know it sounds silly but after 194 takes and creating pre-production music and then now adding VFX… It was either I cripple as a creative or as a human being. In the end, both happened. I’m still hanging in there though. Barely.

"You’re a natural character" (scene study week 3)


What can I say… I have a fear of connecting with people. It sounds crazy because, as an artist, I want to connect with people. I crave that. I want that really bad. The only way I can do this is by self improvement and going on my own path… Learning and exploring myself is a reward in itself. In doing that - I’ve realized that understand others better.

"Everybody pees and poops man. Otherwise where would it go? He’d explode"

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